10 Steps to Plan Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Time flies, especially when it comes to your children, who always seem to be growing up faster than you would like. Celebrating their birthdays is an opportunity to capture the essence of a year and take it all in before another one begins.
If you’re planning a themed birthday party, ANIM8.lk will take care of your party-planning essentials, when it comes to customised invitations to birthday cake toppers and everything in between. Here’s our 10-step guide on planning your kid’s birthday party.

Step 1: Choose a Theme.
A theme helps set the tone for the party. Themes can be famous Disney cartoons, such as Frozen, or favourite colours such as pink or blue or can even be based on their favourite toys and the games they like to play, for example: if they like playing tea party with their dolls, why not have a tea party themed party? Or in the case of a boy that likes race car driving, then have a race car themed party. We provide convenience and ease by giving you one space to get everything done as per your theme.

Step 2: Who to Invite?
Your children’s friends from school and classes and cousins are some of the most obvious invitees. However with children’s parties, parents are also expected guests. So your party planning will have to cater to both kids and adults.

Step 3: Location
This is really determined by the number of guests and how much kids love to run around. If you have enough space at home for the guests plus also leaving space for kids to play then have it at home. If not, however it would be best to find a different location to host the party, like a garden or event hall at a hotel.

Step 4: Customised Birthday Invitations
Send out customised invitations based on the theme of the party - we’ll even create a design for you! The invitations should be in line with the theme and fun and exciting to grab the attention of the parents who are receiving them as well as the kids. We provide two types of invitations, double sided and single sided ones and absolutely customisable. Everyone likes to get an invitation after all and this is a good way to get an RSVP so as to ensure you know exactly how many people will show up on the day.

Step 5: Cake
The cake, the delicious cake that everyone should oooh and ahhh at. Of course it should fit the theme. We do laser cut cake toppers that is sure to make an impression. Whether you want the cake topper to say Happy Birthday, the age of your kid, their name or even a fun image, we can customise it as per your requirements.

Step 6: Food
This is a tricky area, because you have to cater to the kids as well as their parents (if in attendance). Kids are usually fussy about food and parents can be even fussier when it comes to what their kids eat. So make sure food is sourced from a well-established restaurant and caters to all!

Step 7: Cups, Plates and Party Hats!
The likelihood that a child will break a glass is as sure as rain during the monsoon season. So invest wisely in paper plates and cups. Make the party more unique by getting the cups, plates and party hats according to the theme. We have the perfect solution for that with our customisable paper plates and cups. Our customised cups, plates and party hats add that added punch for your kid’s birthday party; and everyone will love it!

Step 8: Decorations
Decorations can make or break your event. Whatever theme you choose you have to ensure that the party gives off the vibe of your theme. Whether it’s balloons, banners, posters or anything else you have in mind, speak to us today for your customised decorations needs. We love a good party and helping you put one together is one of the best parts of our job.

Step 9: Gifts
No birthday is perfect without a gift for your child. Don’t forget to buy the gift(s) in the midst of all the party planning. Add some thematic name stickers once you’ve wrapped your gift, to make it more decorative.

Step 10: Have an Enjoyable Party
Take those pictures, play those games, eat the food and cut the cake and remember to treasure each moment because next year will be a different ball game, as your child’s likes and dislikes would have changed drastically. Rest assured, no matter how old your kid gets or what their preferences are, ANIM8.LK will be able to customise the birthday party.