5 Wonderful Personalised Gifts for Your Parents

Parents are our unwavering pillars of strength. They are always there to advise us, comfort us, support us, and most importantly shower us with love. While our love for them knows no bounds, we certainly don’t show them just how appreciative we are of them. There are two important dates coming up in the next two months, Mothers’ Day on May 9th, and Fathers’ Day on June 20th.


In anticipation of these two important holidays, here are 5 wonderful, personalised gifts to give your parents.


Printed Mugs

Mug printing is one of our specialities, so rest assured your parents will have great customised mugs! Even though giving a mug can seem like an unsentimental gift, one can never have too many mugs, especially if you’re an avid tea or coffee drinker. You can choose to give them a shared gift like this Mom & Dad mug set, which is also a lovely option for an anniversary gift, or you can give them separate printed mugs. Choose from our wide collection of mugs which range from magic mugs to mugs with funny sayings, or you can always get them a plain white mug with a family photo printed on it. Also, a more practical option would be gifting this thermal mug if your parents are always on the go.


Water Bottles

“Drink at least one litre of water a day”, this is a line we have all undoubtedly heard our parents say time and time again. However, do they really practice what they preach? To ensure they listen to their own sage advice, and stay hydrated, gift your parents one of our water intake tracker bottles. These glass bottles have a set quota for the amount of water you must drink at a given time and can be customised to include your parents’ names. 


Fun T-Shirts

Customised t-shirts are an expensive gift, not to mention hassle-free because of Anim8.lk’s easy T-shirt printing service, to give your folks. A personalised T-shirt is an easy way to bring a smile to your parent’s face while also being a practical gift. Is your mum a science buff? Or perhaps she’s a huge fan of Big Bang Theory, then this monochrome T-shirt with a printed periodic table is perfect for her. Or maybe your father wants your grammar to be nothing short of perfection, then opt for this grammar police T-shirt. This gift is sure to be a hit and it will be used continuously.


Personalised Calendar

Another great gift idea to add to your gift basket is a personalised calendar. Calendars are an essential part of everyday life; it helps us stay more organised and ensures we don’t forget any important dates. We have two custom calendars, a desk calendar and a mousepad calendar, both are great options for your parents to take to work as a memento, not to mention they’re incredibly useful! Personalise these calendars by adding some photographs of you and your folks or get the days printed in your parents’ favourite colour. The world is your oyster when it comes to the different touches you can add to this calendar, and these small touches will make your parents feel very touched.


Photo Frames

It is most likely that the walls of your home are adorned with framed pictures of you and your family. Don’t be daunted to add to this collection of memories, in fact, a personalised photo frame with a meaningful picture is one of the best customised gifts to give a loved one. Choose from our wide selection of frames and find one that will best suit your home and after that select a photograph to go within it. We offer several photography prints, but to make this gift even more personal, choose a picture of yourself with your parents. This will definitely be a treasured gift. 



Of course, these gifts are excellent for Mother’s Day or Fathers’ Day, but these gifts are not exclusive to these two holidays. Spoil your parents today and every day with Anim8.lk.