7 Personalised Essentials You Need For Your Restaurant 

As any restaurateur knows, the small details can have a big impact on the success of your restaurant. From the uniforms your staff wears to the décor and even the utensils, these small features can really help differentiate your restaurant from competitors and keep you ahead of the curve. If you want to make your restaurant stand out, one of the best ways to do this is getting personalised essentials to suit your theme and brand, from Anim8.lk. By doing this, you will help create a unique identity for your dining establishment, thus making it more memorable amongst diners.

Here are 7 personalised essentials you need to get for your restaurant!


A menu is a vital part of restaurant equipment, and its appearance is almost as important as its content. A clean, well-designed menu will be aesthetically pleasing and not give your customer any wrong impressions of your brand. If your menu is in need of an update, or you simply need to create a new menu, our wooden menu holder- which includes the printed menu as well- is perfect for you. This minimalistic design will bring a certain elegance to your menus and you can spruce it up with vibrantly printed pages. Also, your logo can be added, either by laser engraving or wood printing, to give your menu a more personal touch.

Personalised Mugs & Glassware

Choosing the right glassware for your restaurant is crucial, especially depending on the type of beverage you’re serving. Cafes require mugs and cups, restaurants need wine, champagne, and beer glasses – and every venue that serves food needs a set or three of water tumblers. You want to get something that will suit your brand and the ambience of your restaurant. One of the best options is to get printed mugs or engraved glasses which can be personalised by adding your logo or brand name on it. A very popular item is our laser etched glass champagne flutes which are perfect for a fine dining establishment.

Bill Holder & Invoice Sheets

A bill holder is another great addition to your restaurant. While it’s not necessarily a part of the décor of the restaurant’s interior, it will help add an air of professionalism to your dining establishment and make you seem more trustworthy amongst customers. This sturdy faux leather bill holder, with your logo printed, is an excellent option from Anim8.lk -with a black Rexene cover, a separate pouch to hold your card and your bill. Also, why stop there? Go the extra mile and get a customised invoice book to go with your bill holder.

No Smoking Sign

Perhaps you are a family-friendly restaurant and want to keep the fumes away from other diners. A No Smoking sign placed on your tables or other countertops might be essential to your brand then. We have two sleekly designed No Smoking sign options. Choose between a plastic laser cut sign or a wooden laser etched sign. Each option will seamlessly blend into your restaurant environment and not disrupt the ambience.

Table Stand & Table Number

One of our most popular products is our Toblerone wooden table stand. This lightweight laser-etched table stand is a very useful element to have in your restaurant as it can be used as a sign to signify that the table is reserved and will come in handy when you get reservations. Another small detail you can add is table numbers. Our laser cut plywood table numbers can be cut into any shape or design to suit the ambience of your restaurant.

Food Packaging

While food packaging is not a significant piece of kitchen equipment, it is essential in any restaurant. To-go packaging is an excellent marketing opportunity as you can add your brand logo too.  However, most restaurants fall short and tend to go for a white plastic container. Impress your customers with our eco-friendly food takeout box and takeaway paper coffee cup. Each of these options is eco-friendly- something that customers will truly appreciate- and we can customise it to have your logo on the sticker.


Finally, cutlery is a mandatory component in any kitchen and restaurant. Our customisable stainless steel cutlery engraving is a perfect special touch for your fine dining establishment. This is a discreet way of incorporating your brand identity into another element of your restaurant.