7 Personalised Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him & Her

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and that means it’s time to start thinking of the perfect gift to give your partner. It’s no secret that the best gifts come from the heart, which is why a personalised gift is the best. Whether it’s a mug engraved with an inside joke or a picture frame with a photo of the two of you, your partner is guaranteed to love it. Read more to be inspired by these 7 personalised Valentine’s Day gifts from Anim8.lk that exude romance.


  1. Mugs

While mugs get a lot of disdain for being one of the least personal and least romantic Valentine’s Day gifts, this could not be further from the truth. Mugs are a great gift for a couple of tea and coffee lovers. Level up your morning cuppa with his & her mugs, which range from the traditional Mr & Mrs mugs to the more light-hearted Bae-Z & Feyonce mugs! Another fun custom mug option would be a mug which is decorated with some of your photos together.

  1. Ring Holders

This is an excellent gift if you and your love are about to say, ‘I do’. This mini log slice ring holder with a personalised etching is a wonderful rustic alternative to a classic cushion ring holder, and it will also outlast your big and see you through your next chapter together.

  1. Tote Bags

Another practical and fun gift, tote bags are extremely versatile and will be a welcome gift if your partner is always on the go. Whether it’s to carry when you go grocery shopping, used as a gym bag or merely to pack your lunch, a tote bag is a gift that keeps on giving. The two of you are partners and you can get matching tote bags which will be a cute way of showing that. Two of our favourite prints include the Salt ‘n Pepper Shaker tote bags, as well as the Double Trouble tote bags.

  1. Jigsaw Puzzle

If you and your partner love puzzles, then this is the ideal gift for him or her. Customise this jigsaw puzzle with a picture of the two of you, making it both a fun and sentimental gift for your partner—there is no better way to celebrate your love!

  1. Printed Cushions

We understand that it can be tough being in a long-distance relationship, especially this year when there are still several travel restrictions in place. If you’re unable to be with your partner this Valentine’s Day, then give him or her a personalised cushion. This comfy gift will be made even more special as you can decorate it with a beautiful picture of the two of you because no matter the distance you are always together.

  1. Anniversary Box Frame

An anniversary box frame is a beautiful memento of your love to give your partner. This is a great alternative to a regular card as it will not only last longer, but you can also hang it up on your wall. Customise it any way you like, choose your partner’s favourite colours, and change the wording so that you can make it more relevant to you. Another classic gift is a photo frame which will always be a fan favourite. Adorn your walls with sweet memories that the two of you share in various photo frames.

  1. Wood Carvings

Another great decorative gift is a wood carving. One of the most popular options is the Love Swirl cut in wood. This can be placed all around the house or give it to your loved one to take to their workplace so that they can keep on their desk and think of you whenever they see it. Alternatively, you can give them customisable carved wooden photo frames featuring your photo printed on a granite tile, detachable wooden key chains, ideal for couples who live together.