8 Fun Ways to Spruce Up Your Room 

With Sinhala and Tamil New Year just around the corner, there has never been a better time to do some spring cleaning! After being stuck at home for months on end, it comes as no surprise that you may want to refresh your room. However, a quick search on Pinterest or Instagram for bedroom ideas, you feel may begin to feel disheartened at the cost of what changing your bedroom aesthetic might be. Before you lose hope, know that sprucing up your room does not have to be very costly; it can be as simple as getting colour coded personalised stationery, adding a potted plant, or getting a new shelf. 

Here are 8 fun ways to refresh your room with the help of Anim8.lk


Adding a piece of home furniture is an easy way of sprucing up your room. Shelves are excellent in bringing a bit of order to your room. Our Sixdon Wooden Shelf Stand and Threedom Wooden Shelf Stand are great options if you’re not working with too much space as they are relatively small. A larger option would be our Dozenite Wooden Shelf with 12 pigeonholes. If you have ever dreamed of having a wall full of books or CDs, this shelf can make your dreams come true! This would also be an excellent place for you to store your shoes. 

Although not technically a shelf, our Plywood Spice Rack would be an excellent addition to your room. You can place it on your office desk to store your stationery, or some other great DIY ideas would be using it as a makeup or toiletry caddy! 

A New Bed Frame 

Our Wooden Bed Frame is an effortless way of refreshing your room. If you’re looking for DIY beds, this quick and easy to fix bed frame is ideal for anyone to work on by themselves. It is also especially handy if you are planning on moving rooms or houses. Another great thing about this bed is the fact that it’s a single size so it can fit neatly in a small space. 

A Watch & Belt Hanger 

One of the simplest tools that will certainly help you declutter is this Watch and Belt Hanger. This nifty piece of furniture allows you to store your everyday items in plain sight without ruining the aesthetic of your room. You can also use this to store other valuables like bracelets, necklaces, and scarves. This hanger is also completely customisable, you can choose its length and how many notches you need for your watches.  

A Fun Wallpaper 

Liven up your room with an aesthetically pleasing wallpaper that will add the right touch of colour and style to any room. One of the best ways to change your room is changing the colour of your walls, unfortunately, painting takes up a lot of time and effort. Our wallpapers are the perfect quick fix, made even better by the fact that you can customise it to have any print or photograph your heart desires! 

Framed Pictures 

Adding a photograph or two to your room is a wonderful way of giving it a new feel, especially if you have a plain white wall. Print any photograph you want of our custom printable Canvas Rolls to hang up on your walls. If you want to go all out, get a simple White Frame with a Glass Cover to better display and protect your picture. 

Personalised Calendar 

Another lovely addition that can subtly spruce up your room is a personalised Desk Calendar. These desk calendars are very useful, especially if you’re working from home, but they are also completely customisable. Add different photos for every month of the year and you can keep track of important dates while also looking through a photo album of sorts! 

Wooden Stools 

Wooden stools may seem like an odd thing to add to your room, but they are a very versatile piece of furniture. You can use these stools as bedside tables, chairs for people to sit on, a desk chair, a ladder when you need to reach for something in your closet, and so on. Two of our most popular designs are our Short Wooden Stool and our Wooden Bar Stool. Both these options are DIY chairs and are easy to assemble and will go well with any room. 

Personalised Mugs 

Finally, printed mugs are a fun and subtle way to liven up your room. If you are an avid coffee or tea drinker, chances are you will almost always have a mug in your room, so why not make it a nice one? We have a wide selection of mugs from ones with funny slogans to printed pictures. Find one that, as Marie Kondo would say, sparks joy. 


Redecorating your room is a deeply personal act, and the best way to get it just how you want it is by customising various items. Refresh your room and make it just how you want it today.