A Guide to T-shirt Printing in Sri Lanka

From planning a batch get-together, a special family celebration or even to promote your new brand, the first thing that may come to your mind is having custom printed t-shirts done. Whether you need a large batch of t-shirts for the group or just one or two, you can get a customised t-shirt from Anim8.lk

Follow our simple guide on customised t-shirt printing in Sri Lanka. 

The design

This is the starting point - you need a great design. If you are not a designer, you can convey the idea to our inhouse designers and get it done. There are a couple of things you can do to make your design look appealing. 

First, understand the purpose of why you want to print t-shirts. Perhaps, you are a start-up business owner and you need t-shirts for your staff. This is an important business decision since the right design tells the brand story and can promote your business.  

For simpler design needs such as special day celebration t-shirts, we have made it easier for you. We have a range of customisable t-shirt designs. You can talk to us, do the necessary changes, and get your t-shirt printed at your convenience. Here, you’ll find various designs such as sports jersey prints and glow-in-the-dark t-shirts.

From a designer’s perspective, there are a few things you need to consider when planning your t-shirt design. Dark colour designs appear better on light colour fabric and vice versa. Adhering to a single colour palette is an easier and more effective way to design your t-shirt. You can choose a suitable colour palette that aligns your design.

Always send high-quality artwork to the printer. The designs done with CMYK colour format produce better results in many printing applications. Also, TIFF, PNG, and uncompressed PDF file formats preserve colour details better than compressed formats such as JPEG. You can send your artwork here.

The quantity and budget

When you print larger batches of t-shirts, the cost per piece is lower. To get the maximum out of your budget, you can talk to us and discuss various options. If you are in a small business selling t-shirts, it’s ideal to get the prints done in bulk. 

To get an idea on our pricing of bulk printing sports jerseys:

  • 1 jersey costs RS.1,750.00
  • 2 for Rs.1,700.00 each and save 3%
  • 5 for Rs.1,600.00 each and save 9%
  • 10 for Rs.1,500.00 each and save 15%
  • 25 for Rs.1,250.00 each and save 29%
  • 50 for Rs.1,000.00 each and save 43%

What printing technologies do we use for t-shirt printing?

The gold standard t-shirt printing technology is screen printing. This can be done either by hand or machine. Anim8’s screen printing technology is cutting edge and capable of delivering bulk orders efficiently. 

Vinyl printing is a form of transfer printing used to get a colourful, glowing effect on the t-shirt. There’s another, relatively newer technology called direct-to-garment printing. However, screen printing technology is superior to these two technologies considering the cost, colour production and availability.

We have made the t-shirt printing process easier than ever before. You can just upload the artwork to our website and you’ll get your t-shirts in no time. Browse through our t-shirts, clothing and textile section to learn more.