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Face Visor

A Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Face Shield Designed at
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Product description

Designed by Doctors fighting the COVID 19 pandemic at Welisara and Sri Jayawardena Hospitals for healthcare personnel in response to the critical shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Proven design with over 10,000 nos in use with Sri Lankan government health workers on the frontlines.

Protects facial orifices from coming into contact with virus bearing droplets through splatter; to be used with face mask.

Not a cooking or industrial face shield to be used for hot water or oil splashing.

Made of 150 Micron Transparent sheet that minimises voice deadening for ease of communication.

2 point elastic ties for better adjustment to head size and positioning, as opposed to fixed single strap elastic

Light weight, durable while being comfortable to the wearer.

Can be reused with disinfection regime of chlorine, soap and water rub down and UV exposure (outdoor sun if no lamps)