Workplace Sexual Harassment Policy is committed to providing all our employees with a safe and healthy work environment free from discrimination, violence, sexual harassment, intimidation, and any other form of misconduct. Our anti-harassment policy is to create a friendly and trustworthy environment, and does not intend to restrict creativity and free speech. This policy covers sexual harassment which could occur at the workplace, at work related events, assignments, and travels, and those which could occur over the telephone and/or social media.


What Is Defined As Sexual Harassment

According to Section 345 of the Penal Code of Sri Lanka, the legal definition of sexual harassment is as follows: “Unwelcome sexual advances by words or action used by a person in authority, in a working place, or any other place shall constitute the offence of sexual harassment. Whoever, by assault or use of criminal force, sexually harasses another person by the use of words or actions, causes sexual annoyance or harassment to such other persons, commits the offence of sexual harassment…” This includes unwelcome pursuit, unsolicited physical contact, gestures, comments, messages, and inappropriate sexual jokes and flirtation.


Dealing With Harassment

If you are a victim of harassment, please reach out to your immediate supervisor, the HR team, or upper management immediately. You may request a meeting with, or submit a written complaint to the relevant authority. We will do our utmost to ensure that proactive steps are taken to prevent such incidents happening in future


Disciplinary Action

We will take immediate steps to address the issue, either through formal and/or informal procedures, depending on the severity of the offence. We will support and help the harassed individual in the best of our capacity, and discuss possible solutions; this includes speaking with the offender on behalf of the victim, to mediating a meeting between both parties, issuing a formal notice, or dismissing the offender. We will launch an investigation into the issue, and take disciplinary action. However, a fair hearing will be conducted for both the complainant and the alleged perpetrator. Our inquiries and internal investigation will be confidential and impartial