Back to School Essentials with Anim8

School is always fun when you are young; friends, playtime, nice teachers and lots of new adventures to interest and excite. However, for parents this means preterm shopping lists, morning drop-offs, afternoon pickups, the inevitable - always replacing stationary and other items. understand the struggles of weekly shopping trips to replace the new items or to buy new ones entirely. Here’s our guide to personalise and protect your children’s belongings:

School Backpacks

Personalise your children’s backpacks and school bags so they stand out in the crowd and they never bring home the wrong school bags. Include their name or nickname on the front, or add a cute customised keyring to the bag to make it stand out amongst the rest. 

 Lunch Bags

Lunch is an important meal in school for growing kids. Make sure your child’s lunch bag is easily identifiable with a customised name and logo included into it. It can be the first name or initials, but either way ensure its never misplaced again.

Lunch Boxes and Bottles

Lunch boxes and bottles are the first to get lost as most parents will buy the same lunch box and bottle based on practicality. With the customisation of these items, that could include your child’s favourite characters and their names, he/she is sure to value their unique creation and ensure to bring it home everyday. 

Stationery Items

In a class full of children it is easy for little ones to lose their things when sharing and caring. Ensure your children’s stationery do not go missing with customised name tags and identifiers on pencils, colour pencils, erasers and sharpeners. Save on long-term stationery expenditure by taking this simple step. 

Pencil Cases

Of course ensuring a personalised, one of a kind pencil case to put all the stationery items is a must. Take a simple pencil case which is cheaper too and customise it specifically for your child to make learning fun and make them feel special on their days at school. 






Exercise books are pretty standard and they all tend to look the same. So if you want to add some colour and fun to your child’s learning experience, while ensuring their belongings are easily identifiable the best way to go about it is by customising their notebooks. They can get involved in the process too and enjoy the experience of truly owning their learning. 

School Folders

School folders are much needed items if your child is in higher classes. They help to organise the different worksheets and assignments and projects for different subjects, ensuring your child learns the importance of being organised. Customise folders to fit in with the different subjects and your child’s personality to give them a truly unique and interesting learning experience and life lessons. 


Kids in kindergarten and/or pre-school may not use books but small blackboards to learn their ABCs and 123s. We can customise this too with your child’s name and other fun designs to ensure your child loves to take out their little blackboard to learn something new everyday. 


Extra-curricular activities got your children needing clipboards? Why not let your child feel excited for their new projects with customised clipboards that are sure to make them take pride in their projects and excel at whatever they do. 

Lap Desks

Lap Desks ensures your children are not limited to one place when they have homework or crafts. Let them sit outside, on the floor, on a bed or even in the car and do their work with customised lap desks that is sure to make them feel sophisticated and grown-up to tackle whatever they have to do. 

Sports Gear 

Is your child ready to take on the fields of sport, whether it be cricket, tennis, rugby, football, netball, swimming or more? Why not gift them with customised sports gear for making that team? Instill a sense of pride in their achievements by recognising their hard work with a personalised gear bag or personalised gear itself.