Covid Safety Office Gear

Prevention is Always Better


While there isn’t a 100% guarantee that we may not get infected by Covid-19, we can increase our chances of the certainty through various number of preventative measures against the looming threat of pandemic exposure. We at would like to offer you some tips on how to better curate your company’s safety measures, so that normal day to day life may continue again.


In only a few months, the arrival of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 has created an unprecedented influence on the way we live and work. However, what it cannot defeat is our ability to improvise to let it affect human progress. And here’s how:


Tip #1 Practice of Exceptional Sanitary Practices and Hygiene


Use of cleaning chemicals that have more than 70% alcohol content and or recommended disinfectant levels to clean surfaces and floors more often than you usually do would help cut down the surface looming time of the virus. Further encouraging your employees to wash their hands with proper practices and using hand sanitizer every time they touch a foreign surface is advised. By having their individually assigned utensils and stationary (Mugs, cups, pens, notepads) that aren’t shared is important also.

Tip #2 Practice of Social Distancing


Set up workstations at least 1 metre apart from each other for your employees and advise them to maintain that distance while interacting with each other. Use of transparent separators in areas where workstation distance may not be possible is another idea. Clearly marked floor signs for spaces where queuing and gathering is necessary will make it easier for your employees and customers to understand the appropriate distance to keep among each other. Where possible set up the use of entry and exit points with revolving doors and sensor doors to minimize surface contact.


Tip #2 Workplace Presence


Reduce the number of employees present at work at any given time by offering virtual workspaces and via rostering the essential physical staff. Reducing the number of work hours 

may also assist in keeping exposure risk time factor low. We at have delivered some of the workstations of our employees to their residences as their physical presence is not absolutely necessary and because working from home is safest way for both our clients and employees.