Essential Branding Material for Start-up Businesses

One of the most challenging parts of starting your own business is to let potential customers know about your products and services. There are many businesses out there and ensuring yours rises above the noise is crucial – this is where you need unique branding material to help set up your business. To compete with existing businesses you, as a new business owner, have to put your best foot forward. 

Here are some branding materials you’ll need.  Get in touch with to inquire about our products and services.


First, make a statement about your brand and values. From there, you can conceptualise and start designing the required artwork including logos, visiting cards etc. 

Your brand logo and colour thematics should reflect your brand’s value and convey its story in an effective manner. It should appeal to your customer and fit your brand. Your logo designs should be straightforward - and designed with an understanding of each medium you are going to place them. For example, minimalistic designs stand out on digital and conventional platforms. 

You can talk to us and get your designs done by our experienced designers. Read more on our designing services here.


Once the business name, addresses, and artwork including logos are finalised, you can get your visiting cards and letterheads printed. A simple yet powerful combination of designs, a brand name, taglines and so on is essential for making a good, trustworthy impression on the consumer’s mind about the business.

The Start-up corporate pack is ideal for a small business where you’ll get 100 visiting cards and 100 letterheads. The Incorporated corporate pack and the Mercantile corporate pack come with the seals and invoice books in addition to what you get with the star-tup pack. 

Find out more about our value-added business card printing services here.


You’ll need printed marketing materials such as x-pennants, posters, brochures and banners. Since offset printing is cost-effective only for bulk printing, digital printing is an inexpensive and convenient option for small businesses to get their assets printed. 


Good packaging should not only be durable but also effectively convey the unique selling point of the product. Your product should stand out from the other products to influence a purchase decision. 

You’ll require different packaging add-ons depending on your product such as sticker printing including warranty label stickers, address label stickers and food label stickers

Our printing services are ideal for small businesses and home businesses because you can customise the printing packages according to your business needs.


Each industry requires different marketing strategies and materials. For example, if you are running a start-up hospitality business such as a restaurant you may need restaurant bill holders, table signs, furniture, serving boards, jars, food takeout boxes, paper coffee cups, reserved signs, and a lot more. With you can get all these products customised to suit your brand. 

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