Everything You Need to Know about Anim8.lk Market Place

To be as profitable as possible on ecommerce platforms, you need to first identify the best online marketplaces for your brand and product. Feel the pressure yet? That’s only natural. We’ll go over each of these areas in detail. In this observation, we will cover all the need-to-knows.


What Is an Online Marketplace?

At its core, an online marketplace is an ecommerce site that offers many different products from many different sellers. Anim8.lk Marketplace intends to be a support system to you that is creative and has a marketable product.

 But first, let us take step back and discuss the advantages of considering in becoming a third-party seller in the first place.

 1. Minimum Product Launch Times 

If you’re new to selling online, marketplaces can be an excellent way to generate revenue and build your brand as you work to drive traffic for your brand identity. Once approved as a third-party seller on anim8.lk marketplace, all you have to do is simply upload your product images, descriptions and prices to start selling. You don’t need to invest and keep stock as we manufacture to demand.


Do you already have an established brand presence on social media? Here’s another fun tip: Share links to the product on social media to send visitors from your social media account directly to Anim8.lk marketplace product pages, where your customers can use the shopping cart facility without having to browse through a list of your competitors. We can also manage your social media order messaging with clients, leaving you free to create more content


2. Established Systems.

All of the established online marketplaces have programs in place to help you easily navigate the waters of marketing and selling.


Likewise, Anim8.lk is packed with tools to help you get products to the right target market efficiently.


We help local start up vendors meet consumer expectations in fast, free deliveries. Sellers can opt to have the marketplace warehouse, pick, pack and ship inventory on your behalf.


3. Large customer bases.

As you may have guessed, Anim8.lk marketplace has a large built-in audience that who regularly shop online. 


 If your products aren’t showing up on web search results, there’s a chance your competitors landing a sale before consumers ever think to visit your online store. We assist you in putting your product listing on the web search engines, maximising your potential in the market.