Father's Day : The Best Gifts For Any Father

The 20th of June comes as a special day for fathers around the world. Show that you care this Father’s Day and appreciate all the times he has guided you in life with a gift that immortalises that sacrifice.

A father works hard and sacrifices for their children to make sure they thrive in life. A custom-made gift is the best way to show your love for all that he has done, and Anim8.lk will be happy to assist in the crafting of these unique gifts.


Mugs are essentials in every household. A personalised mug, either with a picture of you two or a ‘World’s Best Dad’ phrase is a great way to show your love to your father. Whether for your dad’s cup of coffee in the morning or his afternoon tea; a customised mug will always remind him how glad you are to call him ‘dad’.

Crystal Cube or Trophy

Fathers sacrifice much of their time to groom their children to become successful in society and they even continue to support you after you have achieved it all. Remember that your trophies of success would not be possible if it weren’t for his contributions, so why not gift him a custom-made crystal cube or trophy to thank him for being there for you. Get the words ‘World’s No.1 Dad’ printed on it to show him that he’s the best there is.

Customised Plaque

Another great and unique gift idea for your father is a wooden plaque, or wooden art. Anim8.lk offers customisable plaques where you can inscribe words of appreciation and care to your dad. You could alternatively include a memorable picture or a drawing that depicts your appreciation as well.

Cushion Cover

Here’s a fun idea to spruce up your dad’s chair! A printed cushion cover with your picture or the picture of the two of you will be the ideal gift for father’s day. It’s a great way to remind your father how much he means to you, and every time he sees it; rest assured he’ll be smiling and thankful for the gift.


T-shirts may be an inexpensive gift to your father, but including a simple picture of him, or even a slogan showcasing his importance would make him a happy man. A custom-made t-shirt would make him proud to wear it anytime he heads out. Anim8.lk uses the highest quality cotton t-shirts, for the perfect gift.

Leather-bound Diary

One of the best gifts you can give your father is something practical and useful for his daily activities. A custom-made leather-bound diary may be an unorthodox gift, but he would appreciate it every time he uses it due to its practical application. Whether it is to jot down important work information, or something personal, a customised diary will go a long way.

Box Frames

A box frame is an ideal gift for not only your father, but also your home. With Anim8.lk, you can now craft special Father’s Day box frames that include a collage of text, pictures, or even both. Such a gift serves as a nice reminder to show how important he is in the family.

Father’s Day Themed Card

Complement your unique Father’s Day gifts with a custom Father’s Day card. Include a hand-written note, thanking him for all the times he stood by your side and the continuous support he has given in all your endeavours.

Of course, you have the opportunity to mix and match whatever you think shows your love this Father’s Day. Whether it is one gift or multiple, go ahead and be creative. Anim8.lk will be there to make your ideas come to life for your father to appreciate.