5 First Valentine’s Day Gifts

All across the world, Valentine’s Day is considered to be the most romantic day of the year. Couples come together for a day filled with big romantic gestures, intimate dinners and of course, meaningful gifts. If this is your first time celebrating the holiday of love with your boyfriend or girlfriend, the pressure of getting the perfect gift is probably high. 


To help ease the stress, here are five personalised gifts from Anim8.lk that your Valentine is sure to love! 


1. Personalised Mugs


Trying to find a Valentine’s Day gift for your partner for the first time can be tricky. You want to get something thoughtful, but you don’t want to gift anything too cheesy if the relationship is still new. Printed mugs are always an excellent gift option as they’re cute, useful, and completely customisable, but they are especially a great option for a first Valentine’s Day gift. 


While you can give your partner a customised mug, we suggest you opt for a cute matching set of coffee mugs. We have a wide range of options available for you to choose from, some popular options include: Valentine’s Day Full Colour Mug, Valentine’s Day Couple Mug and this Boss & Boss-Babe Couple Mug. To make this gift extra special, you could gift it to your Valentine in these Salt n’ Pepper Couple Tote Bags


2. Customised Picture Collage 


For couples who have been dating for a bit longer, or perhaps your anniversary coincides with Valentine’s Day, you should give a gift that is a bit more personal. This personalised Wooden Picture Clippings Collage is a great option as it is slightly more sentimental, but still appropriate for a first Valentine’s Day gift. Made with custom engravable bars, you can write a personal message and share some of your most cherished memories through the multiple photographs. 


If you’re still in search of more options for anniversary gifts, this Anniversary Box Frame is a lovely way to say ‘Happy Anniversary’. Show your partner just how much they mean to you by sharing your thoughts and feelings through this unique and memorable gift. 


3. Printed T-Shirts 


Another great gift option for couples spending their first Valentine’s Day together. T-Shirts are always a much welcomed gift as they’re comfortable, practical and you can customise them to suit your preferences. We have several options for printed t-shirts, but for Valentine’s Day we recommend you get a matching set of couple t-shirts. You could personalise it by printing the nicknames you have for each other, or you could gift a t-shirt with a picture of the two of you. 


4. Valentine’s Day Gift Bundle 


What’s better than receiving one Valentine’s Day gift? Well, receiving multiple customised gifts of course! Gift bundles are the perfect gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend as you can fill a box up with a mix of gifts ranging from the funny to the thoughtful. To help you, we have some pre-made Valentine’s Day gift packs like this Gift Pack with Couple Mugs and a Wooden Ring Holder or Gift Pack with Tote Bags


However, a little effort always goes a long way so you could give a DIY Valentine’s Day gift bundle. Add some personalised gifts such as this Valentine’s Day Wooden Notebook or this Valentine's Day Cushion and some of your partner’s favourite sweet treats - trust us, they will love it! 


5. A Personal Card 


Finally, you can’t say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ without a personal card! A gift would be incomplete without a card to accompany it, so be sure to create a personalised card. Include pictures of the two of you or create a ‘punny’ slogan that your partner will appreciate. Our team is always happy to help you create memorable gifts, so should you need any assistance finding your Valentine’s Day gift or card, do not hesitate to get in touch, call us on (+94) 11 73 90 600 or visit our website today