Interior Decor Ideas for Your House

Picturing your own dream home is one thing, but when the time comes to build it is another thing entirely. This is because there are so many things to consider when building your home if you want to make sure that it stands out not only from the outside, but also from the inside. We at attempt to alleviate you from all the clutter of decorating the interior of your dream home by giving you the option of personalising your decorations. Here, we provide great guidelines to make sure that your home is all the more special and admirable in every way.

Living Room

Obviously one of the first things that would come into your head is to decide on how your living room is going to look like, since this room will be the first room that you, and outsiders would glance at when you invite them over.


Come up with a theme for the interior of your home to make things easier for you. This also benefits your home, since it makes your abode unique.


Selecting the right furniture comes next and can be quite an arduous one since there are so many options out there that allow you to express the theme of your home. But a living room with furniture as its only feature make the space quite dull, so now start thinking of the little things such as the ornaments, and other features.

Framed pictures and photographs

Try putting some fine pieces of art or some intriguing photographs on your walls to create a conversational point in your living room. Take it a step further by personalising your image so that it is not exposed to the elements.

Ceramic prints and wooden ornaments

In addition, to personalised wall hangings, include an elegant touch by adding personalised ornaments such as ceramic plates of a unique print, maybe even try putting some personalised wooden ornaments of your liking to accentuate the interior of the living room.

Kitchen and Pantry

It is in the kitchen and pantry that you whip up some culinary treats, but it would not happen if you do not have any inspiration to create them.


Fit a personalised wallpaper that inspires you to experiment with a variety of ingredients. The choice is yours as the design can be as wide and varying as your imagination takes you.

Wooden frames

Include some customised wooden ornaments that beautify the kitchen, such as some personalised wooden frames of inspiring quotes or pictures of your liking.

Personalised mugs and wooden art

Spruce up your kitchen rack with personalised mugs, cookie jars and other utensils that make it all the more personal. Decorate your pantry rack by adding some unique wooden art along with some inspiring quotes.

Stickers for jars and bottles

Organise your pantry rack full of spices and other ingredients by personalising your jars and bottles with indicating stickers. Why not make those stickers look more elegant by personalising the stickers with a unique font?

Dining Room

One of the more important rooms in your home, especially if you are with family is the dining room, as most conversations with your loved ones often happen over the dinner time. Make sure you design it in a manner that would make you want to use it.


First thing first, the furniture should not only be functional, but also aesthetically pleasing since a considerable time is spent here during the meals.

Light fittings

Fix some interesting lamp shades and hang some pictures or some intriguing images, maybe even a nice wallpaper that create a comforting ambience. This may include personalised ones or generic ones.

Personalised plates

You could also make the dining room more to your taste by personalising the table set you would normally use for eating food with your family. Take it up a notch by customising your tablecloths too.


Since the bedroom is a space that should instil tranquillity and calmness, it is important that the furniture, including the sheets and arrangement of the furniture. Sometimes shopping for the right bedspreads and ornaments that complement the bedroom theme is often quite an arduous task since many retail shops offer generic designs.

Personalised cushion covers and sheet prints

You could always personalise your bedspread and cushion cover with a custom print or design of your liking.

Anniversary pictures and ornaments

Should you be sharing the bedroom with your significant other, make sure that you include some personalised ornaments such as picture frames, anniversary pictures and other personalised gifts.

Personalised belt and key hanger

A personalised wooden wall hanger where you can hang your keys and belts would definitely make for a functional touch in your bedroom.

Of course, there are so many other little features you could add to make sure that the room stays unique to the next. Regardless, the choice is yours to customise the interior of your home.