Modern Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

The difference between a house and a home is all about the personal touch. How you decorate your personal space is important. It’s the area where you spend the most amount of time in, where your loved ones gather, where memories are made, where laughter and kindness is shared. 

Are you looking for some modern home décor ideas to spruce up your living space and make it more in line with your personality? Keep reading! 


Do you know that wallcoverings have become a rising trend again thanks to some inspiring cinematography of several hit TV shows and movies in recent years? 

Wallpapers help you to temporarily change the colour and design to your walls without having to paint them! Pick a complementing wallpaper colour and design to match your room’s aesthetic. 

Covering the walls with a unique design is something you can do by yourself without getting a painter to help you out. But there are a number of factors you need to consider. For example, when picking out the right design, take into consideration the colour schemes. Dark colours tend to make your room look smaller as it absorbs light and will darken the interior too. Complex, vivid colour designs might suit kids' rooms but might not be suitable in most parts of your house. Try to go with a minimalistic design and colour tone so that your furniture and other decor doesn’t clash with the wallpaper. 

Then consider the longevity and quality of the wallpapers against the cost. Talk to us and learn more about our premium-quality wallpaper printing service.


Are you thinking of adding some frames to your wall? Whether you’re creating a wall gallery of your favourite quotes or simply hanging photographs of your loved ones, a box frame is the perfect way to get that done. Box frames as a wall décor idea create a 3D effect and add some personality to the wall as compared to a framed photograph. Browse through our range of box frames


Wooden plaques placed on a cabinet or hung on a wall is one of the most popular modern interior design ideas. You can engrave a quote, a sign or a message to a special person in your life on the plaque.. 

We have a variety of wooden plaque sizes and types such as plaques that can be hung on a wall and plaques with a wooden base that can be placed on a flat surface. The wood finishing and laser engraving technology ensures the quality of the final product. Head to  to find out more.


Amp up your space with a shelf! Shelves are not just for storing and displaying items, they are pieces of furniture that contribute to the look and feel of your house. A shelf full of books or photographs and gifts commonly is seen in living rooms. 

When you consider which shelf to buy, you have to think about the sturdiness and the material if you are going to store heavy objects on it, where you are going to place it, and the design and size that meets your expectations. 

You can buy the best display shelves from us. 


When you check out our furniture range our stool designs will catch your eye. As one of the most popular home décor items that are easy to place, wooden stools are unique in design and biodegradable. The router-cut parts of the stools are designed in a way you can assemble them without any tool. You can place these in the corner of your living room as a décor item. Put some books and magazines or a lovely house plant to add some life to the space. 

Need more ideas about home interior designs? Browse through our site to find the perfect one for you.