Must Have Stationery Items for Your Wedding

Your wedding is arguably the most important day of your life. But everything leading up to the special day is a task on its own. Purchasing the most suitable wedding stationery is one of the most crucial decisions, when it comes to all things related to the ceremony, the few months prior to it, as well as the days following the Big Day. Customised wedding invitations are one of the most important items that’ll make your wedding unique. In Sri Lanka, offers a variety of options to have your card along with other wedding stationery, designed and printed according to your style!


1. Before the Wedding:

Contrary to popular belief, the wedding day is not the most stressful. It is in fact the weeks and even months leading up to it, that could make the bridal couple, and their friends and family feel as if they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. From bachelor party invitations to the wedding invitation cards, here’s what you need to have before your wedding.



Save the Date Cards:

Sending out Save-the-Date cards is the first way to show your guests that you are taking the big step in your relationship. Their purpose is to ensure guests are available on the date of your wedding, and they ‘save the date’ for you!  These cards are generally sent out well in advance, at least six months before the planned wedding date. Your guests would appreciate it if you could inform the dates as soon as possible especially if it’s a destination wedding. These cards don’t have to be elaborate or in detail – the date, location and a personal picture would be completely adequate!

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Invitations:

Usually sending out invitations for the bachelor/bachelorette parties is the responsibility of the best man or the maid of honour. Unlike most wedding related stationery, these invitations could be as fun, and informal as you like.

Bridal Party Invitations and Decorations:

Every bride looks forward to her bridal party, and for this reason it is the responsibility of her closest friends and family to plan the perfect event for her. Take the bride’s personality into consideration and organise the party so that she would feel extra special – after all its her day! Include the bridal registry on the invitations for the shower if there is one, or just opt for a simple card with an RSVP option. Decorations including banners and balloons will make your bridal shower more unique if they’re customised.

Wedding Invitations:

Wedding invitations are easily the most important part of the pre-wedding process, since it covers all the necessary information your guests need to know about the special day. Be as creative and expressive as you like, since this will be the first glance of your wedding that the guests would see. Take time to design the card. Wedding invitations in Sri Lanka usually get sent at least six weeks prior to the event, to avoid last minute cancellations or additions to the guest list. Don’t forget to add in important details like the time, venue, dress code (if any) and the bridal registry if you have one.

RSVP Cards:

These are sent out along with the wedding invitations, so that guests can confirm their attendance. Include a date for when the responses are required by. Instead of the usual card and an envelope, you could also opt for a postcard; a minimalist and trendier option for modern day, younger couples.

Direction Cards:

Direction cards include a map which contains the location of your reception ceremony as well as of accommodation facilities for your guests, if any. This would be an effective way for your guests to manage their travel time, so that your reception could go as planned without having to stall for your late guests to arrive.


The invitation suite most likely will have two envelopes: an inner and an outer. The outer envelope will contain the invitation suite and will be stamped and addressed. The names of the invitees will be written on the inner envelope, where you could mention whether they are allowed to bring a plus one or not.


2. At the Wedding:

The ceremony will be packed full of smiles, hugs and celebrations all around. However, it is imperative that you plan the stationery needed for the big day because everything has to be perfect on your wedding. Let your wedding planners know everything you have in mind, in extreme detail, so that nothing will dampen your mood. The perfect wedding stationery could make the day memorable for your guests as well.




A Customised Display Board:

There’s a high possibility that other weddings could take place at the same time as yours at your chosen venue. Therefore, you could benefit from having a board that reads the wedding details for the convenience of your guests. You could get it customised for added effects, and to make the event all the more special.

Wedding Cake Packaging:

The distribution of cakes is especially common in Sri Lankan weddings. Small decorative boxes stuffed with a square of specially made wedding cake is the perfect item to give each guest. You don’t have to stick to a pre-designed one, some of which might not even suit your wedding theme, simply design your own wedding box and get it printed with us.

Menu Cards:

Guests have a variety of dietary needs and preferences and planning your menu might be tedious. To help ease the process of ensuring no one’s dietary requirements get interfered with, opt for a customised menu card which informs guests of the meals for the ceremony.


3. After the Wedding:

After your wedding’s over, here are a few items you can create for guests who attended and those who couldn’t!

Thank You Cards:

Thank you cards are usually distributed at the end of the ceremony. These include a thank you note, usually with a photo of the couple, as well as of the wedding party. Not only does this serve as a token of gratitude for those who attended the wedding, but it also gives you the perfect opportunity to give your guests a small token of your special day.

Wedding Announcements:

Wedding announcements are sent for friends and family members who could not attend your nuptial ceremony. These show that you did not forget them, and that they could still join you in your happiness. Wedding announcements could include a photo from the wedding and a sweet message to show just how happy you are as newlyweds.

Wedding Album:

Among the most crucial stationery items for your wedding in Sri Lanka, the wedding album is definitely one of the most important on the list!  Whether it’s a 40-page personalised album or a few photo frames, will ensure the pictures from your special day are preserved in a decorative and beautiful structure.

Whether you have these wedding stationery items or more, is your one-stop shop for all your printing needs.