Personalised Gifts for Him/Her

In a world swarming with endless options for gifts, the key has always been to get one that is personalised to suit the recipient. There’s nothing more special than giving someone a gift that makes them think about how much thought you put into buying their gift. It’s much better than buying a generic gift that can be picked off a store shelf. Some people are harder to get gifts for, and a personalised gift will not only make your task of finding that all impossible gift, but it’ll also show them that you’ve put in the extra thought into buying their gift. The best part about personalised gifts is that has a variety of products for you to choose from which can be designed to suit your preferences. 


A timeless classic. Customised mugs are one of the most popular gifts to get just about anyone and everyone, whether it’s for your parents, partner, boss or that long distant cousin you meet only on special occasions. Personalised mugs are the ideal gift especially if the person you’re gifting it to enjoys drinking hot beverages, like tea or coffee every day.


Get your face printed on a t-shirt and gift it to that special someone in your life. What better way to make sure that person never forgets your face and how awesome your gift is?! If you’re camera shy and generally tend to look like an oddball in photographs, get the person’s favourite quote or pet’s photo printed on the shirt instead. Witty t-shirts are always a safe bet as you’re guaranteed to bring a smile to their face whenever they wear it – and even cheer people who see their shirt.

Photo Frames

Immortalise your relationship in a photograph, after all, a picture does say a thousand words. Get a funny memory or something significant and memorable printed out. has a variety of frames for you to choose from. Improvise and get a collage of your favourite pictures printed out, so they’ll have more pictures of the memories you have shared with each other. Besides, photo frames can be kept anywhere – from bedside tables, shelves, walls and even office desks.


It’s time to go old school and get a mixtape or C.D. done for that special someone – put in some extra effort and show them just how special they really are to you. There’s nothing like a playlist that includes everything from their favourite songs to songs that remind you of them, will be able to custom print your C.D. Simply upload your design to their website and they’ll print it out for you on the C.D.

Cushion/Pillow Cover

If you’re looking to buy a gift for your significant other or your teacher, a pillow/cushion cover is the ideal gift. Give them that extra bit of comfort that they deserve and gift them a personalised cushion. Don’t wait for a special occasion to show someone appreciation or gratitude – get them a customised cushion cover that they can use and take anywhere, whether on their bed, chair or on trips!


A customised notepad makes for a great gift for your colleague, work-friend or a teacher. Ideal for people who are constantly taking notes down, whether at a meeting or just as a to-do list.


Send someone your love by mail. Get a personal postcard printed out from, which is bound to make their day when it shows up in their post box. A handwritten note at the back of the postcard will add an extra personal touch. Your customised postcard will be the ideal thing to send to your best friend or family member who lives on the other side of the world. The best part is you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to send a postcard, get one printed today and show them that you’re thinking of them on a normal day!

Wooden Pen Drive

A corporate gift that’s useful and unique. A wooden printed pen drive is a great gift if you’re looking for something small to give your employees or co-workers. This small, but useful gift will always come in handy and can be used by everyone!

Desk Calendar

12 months of the year and 12 pictures for each month! Whether you’re getting it for your family or your best friend, a calendar will serve as a cute momentum to have on your desk. Customised calendars can also be a romantic gift to give your partner on an anniversary. You can mark important dates and reminders, so you’ll never miss any important birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


Come sunshine or rain, umbrellas are useful when you’re living on a tropical island like Sri Lanka. There’s never a day where you wouldn’t need one because the island’s weather can be so unpredictable that it can be raining in the morning and then blazing sun by afternoon – so an umbrella in Sri Lanka will always come in handy. Get your custom umbrella printed at

Wooden Bookmarks

Got someone in your life who loves to read and is always seen with a book in their hand? This unique gift will leave them with a smile on their face. Get their favourite quote or verse printed on a wooden bookmark from so that they can use it every time they read, and you’ll know they’ll always be thinking of you!

Beer Mug

Here’s an exciting gift for beer lovers! A pun or a funny phrase printed on a beer mug will have them chuckling every time they crack open their favourite drink. Beer lovers will use this gift at every chance they get. A frosted beer mug will ensure the beer stays chilled as well; perfect to quench their thirst on a hot day.

Cup and Saucer

Sri Lanka is famed for two things, golden beaches and Ceylon tea. Almost everyone on the island has at least one cup of tea a day, so a customised teacup and saucer is the most fitting gift for any tea lover. It also serves as a great gift for a wedding – get a whole set printed out! With a personalised teacup, the tea drinker can start their morning with a smile on their face!