Personalised Gifts for Your Best Friend

Whether you are going through a hard time or experiencing the best of times, your best friend is there for you when you need them the most. There are many ways to show him/her that you appreciate all that he/she has done for you, but it is always the simplest gifts that define the long friendship you both have. Here are just some unique gift ideas you could personalise and give to your buddy.


One of the best ways to show how much you treasure the friendship is to set it in ceramic. Mugs are great presents that you can get creative with, by including either with a memorable picture, a caption saying ‘Best Friend Ever’, or even both. At, we understand how sentimental this gift is, so we make sure the best methods are used to make them. In short, longevity is guaranteed.


A simple yet meaningful gift, a t-shirt is treasured by everyone. A t-shirt with an interesting picture though makes the gift all the more sentimental. When it comes to customising the gift, you have the opportunity to go crazy with the design! Maybe include an embarrassing picture of your friend in his/her youth? Or maybe even some text that can only be understood by him/her? The choice is yours!

Picture Frames and Wooden Plaques

Birthday gifts treasured long after you say “Happy Birthday” are the presents that define the friendship. A wooden picture frame with a picture of both of you, accompanied by a wooden plaque with meaningful text serves as a great way to showcase how much you treasure his/her company. This is a great way for your friend to show it off as well, since these gifts can be used as ornaments to spruce up the home.

Friendship Bracelets

One of the best surprise gifts you could ever give is a friendship bracelet. Do you want it multicoloured? What about the fabric? Do you want it to spell out his/her name? There are so many things you could do to make the friendship bracelet special. It may be simple, but it is something that your friend would be happy to wear daily, and be proud of the friendship forged over the years.

Greeting Cards

Whatever gift you have in mind, make sure you complement it with a card. Be it on his/her birthday, or maybe even congratulating him/her on achieving something, a card that sends a positive message showcases that you are genuinely happy for him/her. has a long list of themed greeting cards that can be personalised to your liking, so get creative.

Tote Bags

Hauling all of those gifts may be difficult by hand, so why not present them in a tote bag? allows you to customise the tote bag to your requirements as well. Maybe include some meaningful text, or a picture on the side of the bag? Do something that would make it stand out from the rest.

The list goes on and on when it comes to gifts for your best friend. But it is the creative ones that give that sentimentality, and we, at would love to be the ones who assist you with making the perfect gift!