Planning a Corporate Event

Events in the corporate world can be a lot of pressure for any business, especially start-ups, because these events are a gateway into the industry. Successful corporate events could make or break a business, because not only do they help make a lasting impact on customers, but they also show other commercial contenders that your business is a strong competitor. Whether you’re looking to print something as simple as a customised notebook or a standing banner for your corporate event, offers customised printing services in Sri Lanka.

These are the essential stationery items you need to make sure that your event is the talk of the town.


Inviting guests to your corporate event is one of the first tasks that you have to do when planning it. It is also the first look the invitees will get of the event, so take your time in designing the ideal invitation card, complete with envelopes. The invitation could be as formal or informal as you like, depending on the theme of the event, the style of your business, and the guests. Make your business logo appear in a subtle manner, so that the event details will still be the highlight of the invitation.


Go big or go home! And when it comes to corporate events, you should always aspire to go big, because the success of the occasion depends on how much care, dedication and passion have gone into it. A banner is the most perfect way to make your business event known to the industry and customers. Banners also add a decorative element to your business and serves as free advertisement during the event. Banners usually come in two varieties: hanging banners, and standing banners. prints banners of both types and all sizes.

 Brochures and Leaflets:

The distribution of brochures and leaflets at events has been an age old practice in the corporate world, because it is one of the most effective ways of getting your message across to your guests. Your guests could get all the information about your event and business from brochures and leaflets. They might even pass it among others, so it is undoubtedly one of the best tools to have at a corporate event. 


When you organise an event, it is crucial to show that there is a sense of uniformity in the business. And nothing says “team” quite like t-shirts that are customised for each of your members, for the event. Having matching t-shirts would not only create a sense of belonging within your organisation, but it will also display the professionalism of it to the outside world. Design your t-shirts with your logo and the slogan to show the spirit of your business. does custom t-shirt printing for your business needs

Bookmarks and Key Tags:

Giving your guests a parting gift or a souvenir is a brilliant way to make sure that your business ideas won’t be forgotten the second the event ends. Small stationery items that people can’t refuse, such as bookmarks and key tags are great for this purpose. The best part about incorporating this idea into your event is that, you could include your company details very subtly and it will still be very effective. It improves the brand image, in a very nonintrusive method. 

Member IDs and Lanyards:

ID cards are important for any corporate event, because it shows the integrity of the business, as well as its accountability. Having your employees carry a member ID would also help them create better networks with the guests. In addition to that, member IDs would also help achieve brand recognition. Even having customised lanyards attached to the member IDs allows for potential customers or guests to easily interact and recognise them, especially in a crowded room!

 Wristbands and Pin on Badges:

Wristbands and badges are fun add-ons that work for your employees or guests of the events. They can be worn anywhere, allowing your brand to be freely advertised whenever it’s in use. Ensure the wristbands and badges are customised to be appealing, so that someone might wear it outside of your event. Your logo should be printed subtly. Get creative and add a quote or phrase that your business stands by; it’ll be a more memorable way for others to remember you.

 Planners and Notebooks:

Event planners and notebooks could give an air of professionalism and uniqueness to your event that will make it a memorable occasion for all that’s present. Labelling simple things that everyone uses on a daily basis, like a planner, notebook or a pen is the easiest way to get your brand name around. Customise a simple notebook or a pen for your guests, and make sure that it looks appealing instead of having your logo branded right across the face of the object.