Promoting your Start-Up with Business Marketing Material

Business marketing material is crucial to any start-up because a great deal of the business grows and expands because of the marketing material. It informs the public about your business and attracts more customers. Getting your hands on the correct business marketing material for your start-up would also help you look great in the eyes of potential investors and promote your upcoming events.

It is essential that you select solutions that fit like a glove, so that you feel confident with the brand image of your start-up company. offers you tailor-made items to your liking so that your start-up could create progressive customer/client relationships.

 A Corporate Identity Package:

The purpose of a corporate identity package is to have your image and message carried and reinforced by the customer. It is one of the simplest forms of business marketing materials.

-       Business Cards and Holders: Business cards are the ideal way of creating the best first impression possible. Go for a business card that captures the true essence of your start-up. It’s virtually costless, which is very advantageous. Opt for a personalised business card holder for optimum effect.

 -       Letterheads: It’s more than just a correspondence. You are showcasing your brand image to your clients. The key is to go for a simple, elegant letterhead that would create a positive visual image of your company.

 -       Envelopes: Envelopes are overlooked by most companies, even though it is essential that you customise envelopes for your brand so that the communications are more professional.

 -       Brochures: Most companies employ the use of brochures because it expands the company’s visibility and is the perfect introduction of your vision, when accurately described.  





Direct Mail:

Direct mail is an effective form of business marketing and a crucial tool to have because it makes the job that much easier by placing the material right in the hands of the customer. There is a higher potential of receiving a positive response, the more you mail.

-       Flyers: It’s a classic that works. Flyers create a high impact in personal touch, at no effort at all. They’re eye-catching and fantastic advertising tools.

 -       Catalogues: Although not as simple as the other forms of direct mails, catalogues are worth it as they provide extensive detail about your company, which would intrigue the customer. Include high quality pictures, and catchy captions for a catalogue that will attract anyone.  

 Press Releases:

Press releases are more formal than most other business marketing materials, but they’re a worthy investment of time and effort. They are helpful in providing the most relevant news of your company, all the while improving brand image and expanding public image. The best part about press releases is that you automatically get unbiased third party validation with every press release that is sent out.

 Calendars and Year Planners:

Every household in the country has a calendar or a year planner from some business, because no one says no to them. Use this to your advantage and design calendars, ensure they’re handed over to your customers at the start of the year. Additionally, it’s a thoughtful gift and would have a positive impact on the customer. Giving out an item that’s useful on a regular basis is a very effective form of marketing because seeing the calendar or the planner everyday would obviously stamp your brand in the customer’s mind.


Who doesn’t love stickers, right? Creating your own stickers leaves room for creativity and innovation. They’re fun, and trendy. Your customised brand stickers could be displayed in the public, as bumper-stickers or go on personal items like notebooks. The popular idea is to have a fun caption, with the brand logo and name in the background. Distribute your stickers at public events like charities, to make a good impression that would enhance your chances of attracting new customers.


Need to reach a larger audience with minimum effort? Banners do just that. Owing to their large size, big fonts, and striking style, they are very useful in getting your message across to hundreds of people, with just as little effort as it takes to print out a business card. Festivals, concerts, sports events and other large gatherings are perfect for this, because there is a significantly higher chance of attracting potential customers this way. Lawn signs, posters, and window decals also fall under the same category.

 Invoice Books:

Branding is an important part in marketing, and nothing says professional like an invoice book. Personalise them with your company logo. It also helps you manage a strong and competitive image in the target market.

 ID Cards:

ID cards are crucial for any business, especially start-ups because it is important for staff to be able to identify with the company when meeting clients, etc. ID cards also ideal for security purposes.

Customised Stationery:

This is another great way to show your clientele that you care, in a very non-intrusive manner, all the while improving your brand image. It’s also an effective networking tool, which would help you project your brand’s vision to the market as well as potential customers. Besides, having stationery of your own will make you look professional from the start. Books, pens, and wooden pen drives are examples of stationery that you could get customised to suit your business.

 Company Seal:

Last but not least, having a company seal would boost your professionalism, because it is an official signature that would legally bind you to whatever business transactions you make.