Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Christmas is fast approaching and the secret santa games along with it. Whether it’s secret santa at work or home, there is always that little bit of panic on what to get your colleagues, friends and family. 


Anim8 is a great place to get all your presents this Christmas. The great thing about getting a gift for someone from Anim8 is that you can get it customised to suit that person. Here’s a look at some gifts you can get that are sure to brighten everyone’s Christmas day. 


Corporate Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Secret Santa at work is a good way to show some goodwill and care to your colleagues and also have some holiday fun. Here are our recommendations for some good gift ideas that are sure to make you the most popular secret santa around:


Customised Christmas Mugs

One thing everyone in office is bound to do is have coffee or tea. Getting a customised mug is both practical and with Anim8’s customisable mugs it can also be a seasonal gift. Have fun with the customisations and stay true to the holiday spirit.


Yearly Planners

These are great gifts to give to anyone in your office. A yearly planner is a practical gift to give. Customise it how you would like with Anim8 and be sure to give them something to appreciate in the coming year.



Every office is sure to have a stationary lover. If you pick this individual the easiest gift to get them is a notebook. Customise the notebooks to better suit their personalities and you will have an instant gift hit. 


Desk Name Stands

Why not get a customised desk name stand. At Anim8 you can find wooden Toblerone shaped ones that would sit beautifully on a desk. This is more suitable as a gift to give your manager if you ever end up being their Secret Santa. 


Customised Thermal Mugs

Thermal mugs are a great gift for those on the move and in need of constant coffee or tea. They can easily carry these around without fear of spillage. Get it customised with your company logo to make it more official! 


Desk Calendar

Get a customised desk calendar for your colleagues that will have them laughing in the coming year. Design a funny, poignant or beautiful calendar and have it printed and binded at Anim8 for that perfect gift that will be used all year through.


Family & Friends Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Family and friends are those closest to us and sometimes getting them gifts is really hard though we know them so well. Here are some simple classics that mean a lot more when they are customised:


Christmas Photo Frame

This gift is perfect for your family as a whole or even your friends. A customised photo frame in a Christmas theme is sure to give you something lasting to keep as a memory, treasured year after year. 


Customised T-Shirts

Why not get your family and friends Christmas themed t-shirts that are customised just for them? On Christmas morn you can all wear them and goof around and open more presents together.


Tote Bags

Perfect for the ladies in your life. These custom-made tote bags from Anim8 are both eco-friendly and multi-purpose. Get them made as per your designs and let the recipient decide how to use them. 


Key Tags

No household is complete without keys and key tags and you can upgrade the boring usual ones for some quirky, fun customised designs that are sure to be a hit. Get your keys jingling this season.


Christmas Themed Box Frames

Box frames are a very customisable gift that is sure to warm the heart. In the spirit of the season why not get your favourite words to describe your friend or family member designed and laid out in the shape of a christmas tree to have it framed for a gift that is sure to bring a smile.


Customised Calendars

Calendars are a great gift to give on Christmas as the New Year is just around the corner. Why not get a customised calendar done for your family and friends to let them count the days down with you on their mind?


Christmas Cards

Who doesn’t love Christmas cards? If you really don’t know what to buy these are a good way to give a voucher/cash in. Get the perfect card for the person you are gifting by customising it as required and have it printed at Anim8.