Start Your Home-based Business with Style with These 9 Essential Items

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the globe, more and more people are becoming entrepreneurs by starting small businesses from their home. In the US alone, there’s a 24% increase in business startups in 2020 compared to the previous year. If you have also dreamt of running your own business, this is your sign to start now.

Your product packaging and branding are the first things to get right as you start your home business. A good quality product with poor branding and packaging will not be considered by your customers - remember, as much as we advise against it, people always judge a book by its cover. 

Here is a list of essentials that every home-based business needs to start with. 


1. Food label sticker sheets

If you have a homemade food product such as jam, honey, etc, a unique-looking bottle and a design is always the best strategy to stand out from the competitor products in a store. Our designers and team will work with you in finalising your sticker labels before printing them on the highest quality label paper. One A3 paper or PVC sheet contains 24, 2.5-inch diameter FMCG labels. Contact for more details. 


2. Ribbons

One good way to promote your product is by selling it as a gift item. Nowadays, most online shops offer this service of sending a gift to someone at the request of the buyer, whether it’s a beauty accessory, a digital product, or a luxury vehicle. We print custom design satin ribbons. For anyone sending a gift to a loved one using your products, you can invest in these chic ribbons to complete the gift set! 


3. Labelled tins

Food packaging should most importantly be leakproof. Check out our customised labelled tins that can elegantly communicate your brand’s story, details and contact information. It is essential to ensure your brand stands out from the rest and provides the user with all the required details necessary to use the product. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our labels that work well on tins. 


4. Wooden and plastic hobby seals

Stamping a logo or a text on a product packaging is old-school, but not outdated. It not only adds a classy, prestigious presentation, but it also hints that the product is made with a personal touch.

We use laser engraving technology to cut your design into Mahogany wood with an inch of thickness and the plastic seals are moulded out of clear plastic with laser cutting. You can use these hard-wearing seals to stamp on hardening substances such as clay and wax. 


5. Thank you tag

The number of returning customers is an important aspect of a successful business, therefore you have to establish a strong customer relationship and healthy communication. Most small businesses run online; despite having the benefits of having a store online, there’re subtle drawbacks such as losing physical interaction with your customer. A branded ‘Thank you’ tag to your product makes a good impression and shows your level of care and service

Our custom printable Thank you tags with eyelets are printed on Artboard.


6. Custom aprons

There are millions of brands out there, you need to come up with aggressive branding strategies and work hard on implementing them before the market starts to notice your product. Initiating a big-budget brand awareness campaign is not always the smart action, you can start small; for example, brand your production setting and share it on social media.

These custom aprons are hand-cut and stitched with off-white Twill fabric. Simply send us the design you require and we’ll get the rest done! 


7. Mahogany serving boards

This is an ideal accessory to add to appliances if you are in the hospitality industry. Round Mahogany serving boards engraved with your branding, that’s perfect to serve cake, cheese, appetizers and so on.


8. Eco-friendly food takeout boxes

Eco-friendly packaging is great for the environment and your brand. It shows your customer that you care greatly for the planet by investing in these eco-friendly takeout boxes. offers these boxes in 5 different sizes for you to choose from.


9. Takeaway paper coffee cup

These disposable coffee cups made with craft boards are best for hot beverage takeaways. They come with a customized sticker and plastic lid and are properly insulated to hold the beverage without leakage. Get in touch with us to find out more.