The Ultimate Party Planning Checklist


A month or before the event;


Set a date before everything since the rest of the plan depends on it. Be flexible, there’ll be issues with venue booking, and the availability of the guests. Make some calls and see if the venue and the guests are available on those days. And then you can fix the date and time.

Then, list the people who you are going to invite. Keep in mind that the turnout will be about 70% in most cases. 

Carefully budget the party expenses. Keep in mind that there’ll be unexpected expenses surfacing as the preparation goes on. Look up online for a suitable venue and book. A DJ or a live band, photographer or photo booth can add value to your party. If your budget allows, go for these types of entertainment. 

The other important thing is food and drinks. Home cooking can be inexpensive but cooking for a large number of guests is cumbersome. So, hiring a catering service is the best way to take the weight off your shoulders.

Devise your event plan and if needed a seating plan too. And place all the orders for the event materials and services as earliest as possible.

The theme

This is your party. Be adventurous and imaginative. Whether a high-tea or costume party, it’s up to you to decide. It’s better to decide on the theme as early as possible. Then you can get a clear idea of which is the ideal place to throw the party, decorations etc.

Here are some essential party starter packs  to get you ready for the event.  You’ll find pirate, fairy, ballet and many other themed party packs.

Invite the guests

The first impression is delivered by the invitation card. The venue, date and time, party theme and dress code are the fundamental information you need to add to the card. Let your imagination and creativity make the card attractive and inviting. On our invitation cards designs list here, you’ll find fantasy-themed, bohemian style, cultural art invitation cards and many other designs. However, they are customisable according to your preferences.

Besides sending cards, you can set up an event page on Facebook or any other social media. 

The decorations

There are plenty of resources online where you can get inspiration on how to make decorations and flesh out the party theme. Jot down everything and narrow it down to a simple and creative decoration plan.

Talk to us at to get your decoration items done with our customisable event materials


About a week before the event;

DIY decorations

It’s time to finish all of your DIY decoration projects for the party. You can get some help from friends and family. 

You can get professional decorations done for an affordable price with us. For example, you can get decorative board letters and many more decoration items from our interior decor products.

Prepare a playlist that can set the mood for each stage of the party. If you hire a DJ, then tell him or her about your party theme and the plan. Call and confirm all vendors, from cake orders and food to music and other services. 


A day before the party;

You'll have to collect the orders including the flowers and rentals and do your bit of last-minute shopping. Go back to your party checklist and see if everything is in order. Don’t forget to charge your camera and clear the memory cards, because there’ll be a lot of photos taken the next day. 


On the day of your party;

On the event day, you can start posting little teasers on your social media event page to create some excitement. If you haven’t set up such a page, you can message the invitees in the morning about the event.

Start decorating the venue as early as possible. However, do not rush with certain tasks. For example, don’t inflate balloons until 1-2 hours before the event starts. 

Go and welcome everyone personally and introduce the guests to each other who they haven't met before. And, as the party goes on, you’ll see the hard work has culminated. Enjoy!


After the party;

Thank you cards

Thank the guests, helpers and venue staff after the party. If you want to hand out thank you cards to the guests, give them as they depart from the party.  You can get creative thank you cards, and tags printed from Learn more here.