Wedding Gift Ideas

The wedding season is stressful for everyone; the groom and the bride as they have to plan the wedding and the guests, as they will have to figure out the ideal wedding gift for the newlyweds. While the western world has gotten accustomed to using a wedding registry for gifts which makes it much more convenient, in Sri Lanka, the concept is still quite new. Therefore, it makes the gift-selection much harder. However, there are a few items you simply cannot go wrong with. Here are some of those.

Kitchenware and Household Appliances

There’s only one point that needs to be fulfilled before you purchase kitchenware- the newlyweds are hoping to stay in the country and get their own place. In this case, kitchenware would make the ideal gift. The options are limitless. Here are a few popular options:

Coffee Maker

What more could a couple want than to start their mornings with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee taking over the entire house? At present, there is a range of coffee makers to choose from; a simple and basic one to the extravagant espresso makers.


A standard blender is an item that most people will resort to buying. However, a juicer is specifically designed to blend vegetables and or fruits efficiently. Ideal for the couple that is health-conscious or wouldn’t mind making fresh juice in the convenience of their own home.

A Waffle Maker

This isn’t considered to be a kitchen staple and it is exactly why it should be considered as a gift. It is unique, thoughtful and would most certainly give the newlyweds a new breakfast option for the busy weekday mornings or lazy weekends.

Air Fryer

This is the newest rage in many kitchens as of late. With it being powerful, compact and the fact they use only a minimum of oil or other fattening products to bake, grill or deep fry food products, it is understandable why it has replaced other appliances like oven, skillet and deep fryers.

Stand Mixer

These are the most popular ones and have been a fool-proof gift for the longest time. It is a mandatory item in the kitchen and therefore, it is best to get one that is of great quality, versatile and sturdy. Be it to whip up a quick cake mix or mash potatoes, these machines get their job done effortlessly. The couple will forever be grateful to you.

Glass Tupperware

Tupperware is something one cannot have enough of and is a mandatory component of every kitchen. It makes storage and distribution of food very convenient. The reason why it is best to go for glass rather than plastic is that the former can be safely used for hot contents. Additionally, they are also safe for microwaves, dishwashers and freezers and are much more durable than plastic.


Everyone at some point in their lives will take up baking. Therefore, any baking related items will always be useful. Ceramic dishes for lasagne, pies, tarts, casseroles etc are quite versatile items in the kitchen. Not only can they be used in the oven, but some are beautiful enough to be used for serving. Another great gift item would be a cake stand that is bound to make an appearance on the table during special occasions and festivals.

Coupons and Gift Cards

The options and choices are limitless when it comes to this. A simple gift card can go a long way and gives the couple the freedom to purchase whatever they please from the store. It is a convenient gift for both parties and will never go out of style. Alternatively, you can also give out coupons for a holiday getaway or a dinner- an ideal way to allow the newlyweds to indulge in some quality alone time together. Essentially, you are giving them the gift of personal time as opposed to a mere card in an envelope! It means so much more.

Decorative Items and Ornaments

To a couple that is moving into their own home either in the same country or elsewhere, a unique piece of ornament or art would be ideal to decorate their new home with. Perhaps a picture frame, a wall-hanger, a decorative wall-clock, a canvas of a beautiful painting etc are all great ideas.

Personalised Gifts

Nothing beats gifts that are custom made. A lot of thought and effort goes into it; from picking the gift to adding that personalised touch. These gifts will forever and always remain close to the heart. This is where comes into play. They offer a range of gifts that can be personalised. Here are some unique ideas.

Wooden Words

These are quite a charming piece of work that can go on the wall or table. Pick a phrase or word that is ideal for the couple and get it carved on wood or cut by the experts. To make it even more unique, you could get a monogram of the initials of the couple which could be a centrepiece around which their favourite moments could be portrayed.

Wedding Cake Toppers

Be a part of the wedding and offer to get a unique cake-topper for the wedding cake. You can choose from various designs, thus enabling you to get something that matches the wedding theme, with ease.

Cushion Covers

A colourful, personalised cushion cover to be thrown on the bed or the cushion set in the TV area is a fun and memorable gift.

Wall Art

There are box frames and picture frames that can be customised that would make a great addition for the interior space of the newly-weds new home, room or even office.

A Desk Calendar

A desk calendar combining favourite pictures of the couples for each month with perhaps a lovely quote on each page. The personalised calendar as opposed to a generic calendar, could start from the month of the wedding and lead up to their first anniversary. It is a thoughtful and unique gift that will always bring a bright smile every day.