Monday, March 18th, 2024

The Best New Year’s Eve Decorations & Gifts

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to find some New Year decorations. Whether you’re hosting a large end of year party or just an intimate dinner for your friends, having the right New Year’s Eve decorations can make a world of a difference.

Here are some of the best festive decorations and other accessories from that will help you welcome 2022!

Set the Mood

As with any celebration, the right atmosphere is key. Have everyone in the party mood as soon as they enter with a few fun and festive party decorations. Make sure your house is decked out with various ornaments, and no we don’t mean the Christmas tree decorations! From balloons and streamers to customised glasses, here’s how you can set the mood for your party.

● Set Up a DIY Photo Booth:

You know that without a doubt everyone at your party will be taking loads of photos all night, so make the most of it and set up a little photo booth in one corner of your house. Decorate a wall with a tapestry, tinsel, balloons and even party buntings for a personal touch. You can also include some customised party props for everyone to take pictures with. You’ll get extra points if you have a Polaroid camera or something similar to get the pictures instantly.

● Party Badges:

Personalisation is what will take your party to the next level and make it truly memorable. Customisable party badges are a wonderful way to do this. We have a range of different sized pin on badges that can be completely customised to suit your requirements. From funny slogans to names, personalise these badges however you’d like.

● Table Settings:

Table top decorations will be a wonderful addition for any occasion. As always customisation is key and whatever word you choose will be printed on an eco board spray-painted in gold for an extra festive look. Additionally, you could also include personalised kitchenware and tableware. For instance, these engraved shot glasses are a great way to enhance that party mood!

Party Favours

Before your guests leave, give them a party favour for them to take back home to – along with their memories – to remember the evening. Prepare a bag filled with goodies that will help them get ready for the New Year. Fill up customised tote bags with various goodies for that extra personal touch.

● Calendar:

Can you host a New Year’s Eve party and not include a calendar in the gift bag? We think not. Calendars are a classic gift to give on New Year and these customisable desk calendars are perfect for your guests. Our desk calendars are spiral bound allowing you to easily flip through the pages each month. You can also choose the pictures featured in it, perfect if you’re hosting a dinner for your family and close friends.

● Diary Organiser:

A diary organiser is ideal for jotting down notes at work and for organising events. This is also a great gift regardless of whether the receiver is working or studying – everyone can benefit from a daily planner! This hardcover diary can be personalised with an image or text.

● Customised Mugs:

Mug printing is our speciality and a personalised mug is the perfect gift to see you through the New Year. Customise this mug with your guests’ names or add a picture of the two of you on the mug and your guest will think of you whenever they enjoy their morning cuppa.

No matter what your New Year’s Eve party theme is or how big or small it may be, you can never go wrong with festive decorations and good company. For more customised decorations and gift ideas visit today.