“This is Mine” She Said

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A Picturesque Macaw Captured at The Zoological Garden in Dehiwala Photographed By Kakusanda S. Kotugoda



“Words of the Photographer:

“This macaw was captured at the Zoological garden in Colombo, Sri Lanka.”

Macaws are birds with not just vibrant feathers but also vibrant personalities. This photograph of a blue and yellow macaw captured at the Dehiwala Zoological Garden while the bird was treating himself to a hearty meal of passion fruit represents all that vibrance in one still image. A rare moment of the macaw staring right into the photographer’s lens. Now imagine gifting this moment to someone special or even as a souvenir to a traveller from afar. Wooden frames or box frames are ideal to decorate office spaces and homes. They add life and colour to any mundane space. You can hang them on your wall or place them on a table. If you are a fan of the particular photographer, even better for your collection!”

These professional and artistic photographs in his series by Kakusanda S. Kodagoda are available for purchase that come as printed in simple canvas box frames or prints framed in wood with glass covers. These off the shelf prints are available in 8 different optional sizes. The photographs are printed onto canvas using water-based ink using an HP latex 570 printers on either high-quality artistic canvas or polyester canvas materials to suit your taste.

A mini replication print of the original canvas printed on 12 X 12 inches sized canvas can be arranged at an additional cost of Rs. 1000/- for colour proofing requirements.


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A4 Size Glass Frame – Ak, A4 Size Canvas Box Frame – AK, A3 Size Glass Frame – AK, A3 Size Canvas Box frame – AK, 17X22 Inch Glass Frame – AK, 17X22 Inch Canvas Box Frame – AK, 36×24 Inch Glass Frame – AK, 36X24 Inch canvas Box Frame – AK


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