6 Ways to Personalise Your Home Office

Working from home has become the new norm, and as a result, the need to organise our home office is becoming increasingly evident. Until now, most of us hardly ever stepped into the office space at home, let alone thought of giving it a personal touch.

Your remote workspace could use some help with its style and decor.  Your space should be able to inspire you whilst increasing your productivity levels. You’re probably wondering how you can give your home workspace a facelift without breaking the bank.

 Well, here’s some good news. It’s not going to take much to brighten up your space. There is no need to strip down its walls or purchase completely new furniture so that it can feel like your own space. Instead, you can achieve it using a few simple, classy and elegant pieces of office supplies and décor available at Anim8.lk


Stationery is a no brainer when it comes to your office space. So why not opt for some personalised stationery that provides the added aesthetic appeal rather than settle for that regular office stationery owned by everyone?

Get yourself a wooden barrel pen and have it personalised through custom laser etching. Not only does it look classic and elegant on your desk, but it is also bound to motivate you to pick it up and get some work done.

It is a must to organise your stationery for a clean and clutter-free workspace. So get a hold of this classically elegant wooden pen holder with intricate laser-cut designs. You can even customise this unique and eco-friendly office essential with an inspirational quote to keep you going.

Ideal for the stationery lover, an old-school personalised stationery set that comes in a tin caddy is a joy to have in your workspace. This stationery set includes a customisable set of A5 seized letterheads and a seal that is ideal for those who enjoy penning letters to their loved ones.


Calendar & Diary

A desk calendar is a must-have, especially for those with hectic schedules and meetings popping up one after another. It can help you quickly note down a date and time as it is conveniently placed at your arm’s reach. You may even add pictures of your loved ones to create a personalised calendar that’s bound to take your stress away on a busy workday.

With its classic feel, this leather-bound organiser is perfect for those who consider their diary or planner their most sacred possession. Make it into a personalised diary through UV printing or laser engraving to give it that extra bit of sass. This is the ideal planner for corporate or educational purposes providing ample storage space, separators, pockets, and retractable binders that allow you to organise your life.

Table Clock

Do you find yourself regularly reaching for the phone to check the time? Do you constantly get distracted from work because of all those notifications? This elegant tabletop clock is the ideal solution. While it is a small enough clock to fit in any workspace, it is much loved by environmentally conscious people as it is made of wood with minimal plastic usage.

Cushion Cover

Your workspace does not have to look dull and boring because you don’t have the time to give it a paint job and redo its interiors. So instead, brighten up your home office with some wall decor and add in a few throw pillows. Not only would it bring in some colour and give it a more cosy feel, but you can also even get personalised cushion covers done through Anim8 to make them feel yours exclusively.

Coffee/ Tea Mug & Coaster

We all need that cup of mid-day coffee or tea to boost our energy levels during a long workday. Instead of drinking yours in a regular cup, why not switch to a unique printed mug with a metallic colour scheme that gives it a more polished feel. Utilise our mug printing services to customise yours to suit your taste.

Pair up your personalised coffee mug with a custom-designed coaster that screams unique and stylish. In addition, you can have it laser engraved for further customisation.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated throughout your day is indeed a necessity. But, especially when your workday gets super busy, tracking your daily water intake is one of the first things to fall off your mind. So this customised water bottle made of glass with a printed water intake tracker is a delight in its own right.

Other Customised Items

Are you tired of having your mouse slipping and sliding on your work surface? Try out this customised mouse pad that is fabric topped to provide a comfortable feeling when resting your hand. This anti-slip premium quality mouse pad is an essential tool when working long hours at your desk beside your computer.

A personalised photo frame is another brilliant way to brighten up your home office. Anim8.lk offers custom printable photo frames that are perfect to place on your desk. In addition to brightening up your space, it allows you to express your creativity by personalising it to your wish.