Monday, March 18th, 2024

8 Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

There’s no need for a dedicated day for you to express your love to your father. But you can make this special day twice as special by giving him a memorable gift. We have a specially designed product list just for Father’s Day. Check out our product list here as you go through the below list.

We have listed the 8 most popular and heartwarming gift ideas below so you can pick the one that suits you.

1.“Dear Dad” Journal

A father’s day card is good, but a journal filled with beautiful memories is more heart touching. This is how you do it: you talk to our designers and get your idea across about the design and the journal’s name. Here, the suggested name is “Dear Dad’, but it’s up to you to decide.

Then it’s your turn to fill in the journal with the memories and the characteristics you most love about him. Wouldn’t that be an authentic gift for your father on Father’s Day?

2.Best Dad Ever Mug

It’s common to gift the Best Father Ever mug on father’s day. With you can customize the mug printing and make it personal. You can choose the text, design and image to be printed on the mug. It doesn’t have to be the usual ‘Best Father Ever’ mug.

3.A Custom Printed Throw Pillow

You can gift your dad a Father’s Day cushion cover and make your father’s spot on the couch official with a throw pillow printed ‘Father’s Spot’ or ‘Reserved for Dad’. It’s not just a fun-filled gift, but also it implies how much you love and respect your dad.


Isn’t it crystal clear that your love for your father is strong and pure like a crystal? Gift your dad a Father’s Day crystal and show him how your bond is engraved in your heart just like inside a crystal cube.

5.Father’s Day Wooden Plaque

Engrave what you want to tell your dad on a wooden plaque and gift it on Father’s Day. You can customize the text and image and get it engraved in the finest quality with our latest laser etching technology. This procedure takes more than 24 hours, so please finalize the design at least a day before the day you require the product.

6.Engraved Whiskey Glass

You can give your father a classy whiskey glass engraved Dad’s Whiskey, Happy Father’s Day, World’s Best Dad or something funny as Dad’s Sippy Cup. uses high tech laser machines for glass engraving, but the price is as low as Rs. 1000/- per glass.

7.‘Dearest Thaththi’ Card

Do you call your dad ‘Thaththi’? Then this I Love U moustache card is one ideal way to express your dearest thoughts to him. You can customize the text and photo as you wish. Select the most beloved photo of you and dad and send it across.

8.Father’s Day Wooden Art

A simple art cut from the wood can serve as a shelf feature where everybody can see the message engraved on it. You can come up with the text and we’ll engrave it on the plaque with laser technology. This product takes about 24 hours to finish, so talk to us at least a day before when you need to gift this art to your dad.

All the above are customizable. You can talk to and get more information on the design, pricing etc.

We wish you all a wonderful Father’s Day!