Event IDs – Large

LKR 310LKR 385

19.5X13cm Custom Printable Event IDs Inserted into Plastic Pouches and Lanyard Options

Please click on the link given below for a sample of how to enter the necessary individual data for ID card orders.


Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 4 LKR 310
5 - 49 40.32 % LKR 185
50 - 99 48.39 % LKR 160
100+ 50 % LKR 155

(max file size 20 MB)

(max file size 20 MB)



ID cards are used for security and identification purposes and these clear pouches that come with lanyards hold any custom-designed ID of your choosing. Most ideal for event staff and participants. These pouches are easily re-usable with their slip-in cover design. For security reasons, we will require a request letter from the company or HR department or Organizational Body to process the order. These specific ID formats are suitable as event IDs and/ or entrance tier passes as well. While smaller ID card pouches can be used for participants and event staff, these larger ID pouches are ideal to segregate the VIPs and the organizing committee from regular participants with the options of different lanyards segregating the distinctions. Printed on a 9.5X13cm area with a 10.5X15cm transparent pouch.

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Weight0.025 kg

Cotton(Non Printed) – 16LK-EIDL, Silk(Non Printed) – 16LK-EIDL, Without Lanyard – 16LK-EIDL


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