“Jackpot” Back to School Package

LKR 7720

A Comprehensive Collection of 8 types of Back to School Necessity Items

(max file size 20 MB)

(max file size 20 MB)



Students love these customisable high-quality, anim8.lk school supplies. Parents love saving time and money through one-stop shopping. Teachers love classrooms full of prepared students. Tailor-made anim8.lk back to school packs suit every classroom—any grade your child is in. Choose their favourite colour and a theme of your choosing to keep student life exciting for them. The items included in this set are:

01 Nos. time-table

01 Nos. water bottle

04 Nos. stencil

20 Nos. name stickers

03 Nos.Round pin-on badge

01 Nos. Large Student ID

05 Nos. Pencil

01 Nos. Tote bag

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