4 Gift Ideas for Children’s Day

When children’s day is around you look for a thoughtful gift for your daughter or son. Selecting a gift for them isn’t an easy task. First, you need to think about what they already have, and what they need. Utility matters, but a gift is mostly about its sentimental value. So, if you give your kid something they love, something surprises them, that’s an ideal gift for children’s day. 

Here you have a list of gift ideas your kids will love, useful and easy to your wallet. With us, at Anim8 you can expand the idea, customise the gift and make it personal. 

A metal water bottle with a customised print

Disposable plastic bottles are an environmental hazard. Partake your kids in reducing plastic waste by introducing them to the use of environmentally friendly materials. You can add value to a simple gift such as a metal water bottle by acknowledging your kids about the bigger picture of environmental protection. 

The fun part is this; you can print anything you wish on the metal bottle. A cartoon character your kid likes, his or her name with or without their photograph, you can decide what you need to be printed on the bottle. With our technology, the print will come out in the highest quality and last longer. 

This metal water bottle is 750ml, lightweight and durable, a thoughtful gift for your kid on children’s day.

Customised school timetable

Learning can be exhausting to children unless teachers and parents incorporate the things the children love into their learning environment. The quite boring school timetable, for example, can be made exciting with a custom design and high-quality print. 

We print school timetables on durable 250GSM boards. You can choose your child’s favourite colour or theme and our team will handle the rest, from design to print. 

School timetables aren’t the only option available. You can print study materials, colourful posters, photographs, etc. 

Customised pencils, pens and other stationery

Children love their pencils, pens, exercise and drawing books. They’ll always be impressed with the most colourful and attractive stationery materials. One way to surprise them with a gift is by giving them customised stationery.

We customise HB pencils. You can get your kid’s name engraved on the pencil with laser technology. It’s an ideal gift for children’s day.

Customised t-shirt printing

Especially, a boy’s sense of fashion is simple, he’ll probably go for the t-shirt with his favourite comic character. Kids love t-shirts, hoodies and other items with their favourite characters printed. With Anim8 you can step further by customising a t-shirt for your son or daughter as you wish. Options are limitless, you can think of any design or text. Our high-tech screen printing machines will do the print in the highest quality. 

You can find several options here to get inspired. You’ll find designs such as a small sports jersey, glow-in-the-dark t-shirt, custom pet print white t-shirt and many more. 

Decorate the child’s room with wallpapers

Decorating house interiors with wallpapers is a contemporary trend. As everybody loves their child’s room to be as pleasant as possible, you can decorate your child’s room with wallpapers for the children’s day. 

Rather than wasting money and time on painting walls, wallpapers offer you the opportunity to decorate a room quickly and safely for an affordable price. The standard wallpaper materials and printing techniques we use guarantee the quality and durability of the wallpaper. We have made the process simple by offering a complete range of services, from designing to pasting the wallpaper. Head to our website to learn more about our product range. And feel free to talk to us for more information.