Monday, March 18th, 2024

Unleash Your Style With Fabric Printing

If you have polyester mixed fabric this is one of the technologies you can go for. Ideally, the fabric should contain more than 80% polyester to get a fine vibrant finish. The printer can process 4ft x 12ft in one run. If the printing material is polyester satin or silk this printing method is the best choice.

This printing technology is mostly used to print sarees, flags, and cloth banners. But make sure the fabric should be white or in lighter shades because in this method the dye mixes with the base colour and the desired colours would not appear if a dark colour fabric is chosen.

Please see the table below to get an idea of the cost for each stock material we have. Higher the number of prints, the cost per each reduced slightly. Please contact our sales team to get a quote.

MaterialSQ FT Rate (LKR)
Micro Fabric225
Mesh Fabric / Mirror Flag125
Silk Satin200

Uv Direct Print On Cotton Materials

This is a flatbed printer of a static printing area that allows printing 4X4ft or smaller pieces of fabric. You can provide Cotton based materials and panels except for readymade garments.

Make sure the artwork is in CMYK + White colour format. The cost starts from Rs. 4.00 per square inch, but varies based on the colours that are used in artwork, size, and the fabric type.

Please note that this method has limitations in the print area and the cost is higher than Dye Sublimation. Evaluate what the best printing method is, especially if you are looking for garment printing.

Besides cotton, other materials such as raw silk can be printed with this method. But the overall quality, look and feel, and the colour accuracy of the product are less compared to the other methods on the list.

Direct Garment Brother Printer On 100% Cotton Materials

This garment printing machine’s maximum printing area is 14X16 inches. It’s recommended to use 100% cotton for coloured materials and at least 80% cotton for white materials to get accurate colour reproduction and the overall quality.

Linen and Amu Redi can also be printed with this method.

The cost starts from Rs. 15.00 per square inch.

Heat Transfer printing

This printing method is for readymade garments such as T-shirts, shirts, aprons, etc. The cost starts from Rs. 15.00 per square inch. The minimum cost per print varies approximately from Rs. 350.00 to Rs. 550.00 depending on the quantity of the print.

It’s best to have a sample run before the print to evaluate the compatibility of the provided material and the printing method. Talk to Anim8.LK staff to discuss and decide which printing method works best for you.